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Participate in the PONS Community and earn bonus points. The more CreditPONS you collect, the better your chances are of being amongst the top 10 Users and winning valuable prizes
You are awarded CreditPONS for new OpenDict-entries, forum posts, sending feedback to our editorial department or for training units in the vocabulary trainer.
Here is the latest ranking:

# User name creditPONS
« 2020-10-19 - 2020-10-26 »
Global ranking
1. Diegol 1160
2. Ursula Wanke 555
3. pons-editor-2 290
4. geokonidis 215
5. oliver bigos 195
6. Timbecko 190
7. Roi González Villa 190
8. steffi chemnitz 170
9. tarsla 155
10. klabekonrode 145

Also new is that it is now even easier to get in touch with other members of the PONS Online Community. Until now you have been able to communicate with others in our forum. Now, in addition, you can exchange private messages at PONS Online. Have you read interesting forum posts or OpenDict entries written by a particular user? You can now "follow" this user and keep up with their latest activities!

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